1. MacroNET
    Nokia High Capacity radios - upto 512 simultaneous bearers Large Coverage FootPrint (up to 71km @ 250ft)* 2 x 2 MIMO Radio - 150Mbps shared data per sector Carrier Grade – reliable and dependable Integrated LTE Network Core Features - Voice over LTE, LTE SMS, MultiCast (IGMP), LTE Mobility and Meshing options Upgradeable to LTE Advanced >300Mbps shared data per sector
  2. MicroNET
    ManPack system 2590 Batteries Opt. Mesh radios/app server Vehicle / Portable 10” x 5” x 4” Opt. Mesh radios/app server Custom Solutions PCBs, SDRs light weight - frequency agile low power consumption embedded epc / app server
  3. PicoNET
    Portable AC/DC power source Opt. Mesh radios/app server ManPack 2590 mil spec Li-Ion Batteries Opt. Mesh radios/app server VehicleUAV Embedded EPC Opt. Mesh radios/app server
  4. Managed Access Solutions
    Managed Access Solutions
    Our EdgeCentrix product can provide a private Managed Cellular Access capability within designated buildings and locations. The Managed Access System (MAS) can be designed to suppress cellular service or configured to carry voice, SMS and data traffic within the designated deployment area.A whitelist function allows only known users to make use of the Managed Access Service – with all other users either being rejected, or held on the system with all services being denied – as neededThe Lociva roaming service allows full authentication of Mobile Network Operator SIM cards to a US based STP, allowing AT&T and T-Mobile handsets (and others) to access the private network resources if needed.
  5. Prison Systems
    Prison Systems
    EdgeCentrix systems are deployed in Prisons – providing an effective cellphone suppression service. Cell phones with in the coverage area of the Managed Access Systems can make calls and send text messages to a managed PBX – and are terminated with an automated IVR message and default text message response.
  6. ISR Solutions
    ISR Solutions
    Our SDR solutions when combined with the embedded network core allow the development and integration of small portable cellular monitoring systems with the ability to allow local roaming.
  7. Roaming
    Connectivity to SS7 networks is available to enable roaming with the EdgeCentrix Network Core
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